Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 117A: Continuing Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

Antje Postema | MWF 3-4 | B-3 Dwinelle | 4 units

L&S Breadth:  International Studies

Spoken and written language; advanced grammar review. Some discussion of the contemporary sociolinguistic situation as it relates to language use. Short oral reports and writing practice. Grades based on class participation, midterm and final exam.

Tentative Texts:
Ronelle Alexander and Ellen Elias-Bursac, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian: A Textbook with Exercises and Basic Grammar (required)
Ronelle Alexander, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian: A Grammar with Sociolinguistic Commentary (recommended)
Other materials will be distributed by the instructor.

 Prerequisites: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 27B or consent of instructor.