Russian 6B: Introductory Russian for Heritage Speakers

Irina Kogel | MWF 11-12 | 105 Dwinelle | 3 units | CCN: 81221

This course is aimed at “heritage speakers” of Russian, i.e., those who grew up speaking Russian in the family without a native Russian’s full educational and cultural background. Russian 6B will enable students to hone their grammar and reading skills, while introducing students to Russian culture through literature, interviews with native Russians, and debates about current events. This course is a continuation of 6A, but may also be taken separately.

Students with advanced reading proficiency should consider Russian 105A/B, or Slavic 181, 182 or 190.

Родная речь, Irina Dubinina.
Русский без границ: часть вторая, Marina Niznik, Anna Vinokurova, Irina Vorancova, Olga Kagan and Anna Cherp.
All course materials, including the above textbooks, will be available on bCourses.

Prerequisites: 6A or placement interview. For placement purposes, prospective students should contact Dr. Anna Muza: