Continuing Polish

Katarzyna Zacha | M-F 10-11 | 104 Dwinelle | 4 units | CCN: 81006

L&S Breadth: International Studies

The course gives you an opportunity to broaden your knowledge about Polish grammar and how to use it in active communication. The goal of the course is to improve the fluency of your oral and written communication skills in Polish. You will learn through classroom exercises based on a modern textbook, completion of individual and group assignments, work with various audio materials, and some supplementary readings as assigned. The course will contain the following major components: grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing short essays and other short texts, some translation of short texts, and conversation about a variety of topics. Class attendance as well as active participation in exercises and conversations is expected.

All assignments shall be completed on time. All missed assignments and exams have to be made up for. Your final grade will be based on your accumulation of points through class attendance, completion of homework assignments, midterm exams and final exam. In addition your final grade will be impacted by your active participation and ability to cooperate with fellow students.


Polski, Krok Po Kroku: Level 2 (A2/B1): Coursebook for Learning Polish as a Foreign Language (Polish Edition)

Authors: Iwona Stempek, Anna Stelmach

ISBN-10: 8393073111

Prerequisites: Polish 25B [formerly Slavic 25B] or consent of the instructor