Introductory Russian for Heritage Speakers

New Classroom Effective August 31, 2015: 6115 Dwinelle Hall (Slavic Department Seminar Room).

Arkady Alexeev | MWF 11-12| 6115 Dwinelle |3 units | CCN: 81221

This course is aimed at “heritage speakers” of Russian: those who grew up speaking Russian without ability (or with very limited ability) to read and write in Russian. In addition to teaching basic literacy and grammar skills, this course will help orient you in the Russian culture. We will read poetry, short stories, excerpts from novels/plays, articles from the Russian media and blogosphere, listen to songs, watch films, etc. This course will be self-paced, but both reading and writing intensive. A continuation, Russian 6B will be offered in the Spring semester.

Students with advanced reading proficiency should consider Russian 103A/B, 181, 182 or 190 [formerly entitled Slavic 103A/B, 181, etc.]. If in doubt, contact the Coordinator for the Russian Heritage Speakers Program, Dr. Anna Muza

Prerequisites: Fluent speaking ability in Russian. Evaluation and consent of Dr. Anna Muza, Heritage Speaker Advisor, required.